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Cabin Luggage

Bring your luggage on board

Your Guide to Carry On Rules.

Cabin Luggage

Prefer to bring your luggage on board?

Your Guide to Carry On Rules

You prefer to bring your luggage on board. Why lose precious time standing around the baggage claim? By carrying on your cabin bag, you can already be on your way to your final destination. We ensure that travelling is as hassle free as you hoped. Simply select your airline and we’ll help you with the required size requirements for hand luggage.

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The only thing missing is your destination.


The only thing missing
is your destination


Ready to meet Spark, the latest exciting edition of Samsonite’s best-selling range? Loyal to its original DNA, Spark offers all you need for travelling and more: huge volumes, smooth rolling double wheels, tough fabrics in intense colour hues, light weight, great looks, a complete travel assortment and all this packed with smart features.

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Samsonite Versus

Check the videos.


Samsonite Versus

Leading the luggage industry for more than 100 years, Samsonite has a long history of rigorous and unique quality testing methods. Next to a very detailed video showing all our quality tests, we have produced a series of online videos entitled Samsonite VERSUS the World, where we bring the resilience of each Samsonite case to life by facing unexpected and funny endurance tests.

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Laptop Bag Finder

Laptop & tablet Bag Finder

Does your laptop fit?

Laptop Bag Finder

Does your
laptop fit?

Laptop & tablet Bag Finder

Laptops are made for travelling around the world, but also for shuttling between your home and work. Use our laptop bag finder to enter your laptop dimensions and find a perfect laptop bag the easy way!

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Travel to the best, with the best

Samsonite®, the world’s leading travel solutions provider, is thrilled to sponsor TripAdvisor’s Annual Travellers' Choice Award for Best Destination. From April 9 – May 6, travellers are invited to to discover the top 25 best destinations worldwide as part of the Travellers' Choice Awards organized by TripAdvisor.
To highlight the 2014 best destinations around the world, Samsonite has paired each one with one of their own top 25 luggage collections.

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Easyjet new dimensions

Updated EasyJet Dimensions for Carry On Luggage

Keep up to date on airline luggage allowance

If you prefer to travel light, then be aware of updated dimensions for EasyJet’s cabin-sized luggage allowance. Avoid any surprises at the airport by reviewing our cabin luggage that corresponds to these new dimensions. We want to help you travel effortlessly and worry free, knowing that your hand baggage is within the allotted cabin size for each particular airline. We regularly update the allowed size and weight for luggage for various airlines so that you may travel with peace of mind.

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