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Add a little of Keith Haring’s New York style to your luggage

You can’t miss it. Keith Haring®’s artwork is instantly recognizable. The man that put New York’s art scene back on the map was a key figure in the eighties. Now his unique designs are bringing new joy to Samsonite travel accessories.

Keith Haring appeared at a time of incredible creative energy. New York in the eighties was a city of experiment, when new ideas and music melded together. Haring came to symbolize this wave, as he drew his inspiration from graffiti artists and hip-hop but quickly ascended to major art galleries and exhibitions.

His work consists of instantly recognizable characters and simplified graffiti-style symbols in bold, primary colours. Most of them are cheerfully naïve. But Haring also broached subjects such as AIDS and the gay lifestyle in his work.

Travel essentials
Sadly, Haring died in 1990. But years later, his energy can still be felt. The Samsonite® travel accessory range is a good example of this. Haring himself was very well-travelled. He created over 50 public murals in locations as diverse as Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Barcelona, Paris and San Francisco, many of which are still visited by art and pop culture fans. So it seems relevant that his work will help travellers as they visit the world.
Samsonite® has embraced the iconic designs to create a fun and colourful collection of travel accessories. The collection pays homage to Haring in recognition of their shared innovative design values. It consists of travel essentials, emblazoned with the designs for which Haring is known the world over.

Keith Haring’s Travel Bags

Travel more comfortably, travel in style
Available in Keith Haring’s signature graffiti print, the distinctively patterned set of Bag Tags will make your travel luggage stand out on luggage ramps and the holds of coaches. A durable strap loops quickly around your bag handle and has a transparent window with protective flap for privacy of your contact details.

Keith Haring Foldaway Tote

The US Air Travel Triple Combination Lock offers you peace of mind with its strong zinc material, and is Transport Security Administration (TSA) approved.

Keith Haring TSA Combilock

Complete your travel look with the graffiti print Luggage Strap which is both great looking and functional. The colourful strap will ensure your bag stays securely tightened and will be easily recognisable amongst other luggage.

Keith Haring Luggage Strap

For those who like to travel in comfort and style, this printed Travel Rest Pillow is an absolute must-have, allowing you to have refreshing naps anywhere you are seated. Make your journeys more enjoyable with this colourful number that is filled with ultra-fine polystyrene beads that adapt to your posture and help prevent travel stiffness.

Keith Haring Travel Pillow

Discover here which of the bags or accessories suit your style?