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You’re leaving home, so follow these 7 tips to truly relax

It’s been a long time coming, but now you’ve booked your break and you want to be there as fast as you can. You’ve planned the hotel or accommodation, already know which clothes you will bring and made all the arrangements for your cats, kids and cactus.

But wait: take another few minutes to ensure that nothing will disrupt your holiday. To make sure everything goes according to plan, smart travellers run through this little list. It’s the best way to avoid worrying about details and just enjoy your trip.

1. How safe is your house?

First things first: before you go, think about what you are leaving behind: is your house safe enough? The key to keeping your house safe is to show signs of life even if nobody is there. Ask a friend or neighbour to go inside once in a while, leave a light on, have your neighbour take the mail out of the mailbox, set a timer to turn on the lights in the evening, etc. And remember that showing off can be risky: be careful about what you put on social media. Although it might be fun to post selfies of you at the local beach bar, telling the world that no-one is home can send a message to burglars.

2. Always have a TSA lock for your luggage

Always have a TSA lock for your luggage

How do you secure your luggage without causing problems for security? TSA-approved locks can be opened by TSA security officers (Transportation Security Administration) using universal "master" keys. So airport security doesn’t have to just cut off your lock to check it and leave your luggage unlocked. Samsonite offers TSA locks on most of their collections. You can also buy separate TSA locks to safely lock the rest of your luggage too. You’ll find them here.

3. Secure your credit cards with an RFID blocking wallet

Secure your credit cards with an RFID blocking wallet

Not many people are aware of so-called RFID or wireless identity theft. This relatively new technique gathers an individual's personal information from radio frequency-enabled cards (RF-cards). Identity thieves can steal credit information simply by placing an RFID scanner nearby. The wallets incorporate an internal layer of metallic material which blocks RFID skimming (or scanning) of your credit cards. More info on RFID skimming in this video.

4. Keep some money from the rest of your wallet

Although we usually keep credit cards and money in one wallet when at home, avoid doing this when travelling. Put simply: if your wallet and credit cards get stolen, you’ll be glad to have some extra cash in your hand. Don’t find yourself stranded in that beautiful holiday destination without any money for food or travel. Check the range of wallets here.

5. Personalise your suitcase

Always have a TSA lock for your luggage

Make sure you can spot your suitcase from a distance when waiting at the luggage belt: unique luggage tags, colourful luggage straps or a suitcase in a flashy colour will ensure no one else takes off with your suitcase, thinking it’s theirs. It happens all the time. Don’t let it happen to you. Samsonite has a range of fun, quality tags here.

6. Encase your bag when travelling on trains or buses

If you’re travelling on trains or buses, a bag mesh protector is an easy, powerful idea. You simply put the mesh protector around your backpack and then attach it to the train or bus luggage rack with a lock. Voilà! Your bag is safely locked. No need to constantly keep an eye on it. It will make your trip a lot less stressful as you will feel a lot more secure.

7. Know your EU passenger rights

Denied boarding? Flight cancelled? Long delays? Lost luggage? Don’t worry, you still have rights. The EU has even developed a handy app for people that find themselves in tricky situations like this: the EU passenger app. Get it now. It sits on your phone until you need it, and then you’ll remember that knowledge is power!

With just a little extra planning your trip can be stress-free, leaving you free to enjoy the experience more fully. Bon voyage!